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BMCDB students receive HHMI-IMBS fellowships

Congratulations to first year BMCDB students Benjamin Yuen and Alan Lombard for receiving HHMI-IMBS (Integrating Medicine into Basic Science) fellowship positions for 2011-2012!

UC Davis is one of only 13 institutions awarded an HHMI-IMBS grant. The purpose of the program is to introduce Ph.D. students to clinical medicine, providing knowledge useful for translating basic discoveries into therapies. The program consists of a five week introductory course to clinical medicine and provides a significant contribution to a scholar’s stipend.

Alan is trying to understand the role of a gene called E2F3, which is highly expressed in human prostate cancer cells. To do this, he’s looking at how E2F3 knockdown affects differential expression of miRNAs in a prostate cancer cell line. He’s hoping this will identify downstream targets of E2F3 and help us better understand the molecular basis of prostate cancer. Alan is in the Mudryj Lab.

Ben hopes to understand the basic differences between normal cells, cancer cells, and pluripotent stem cells. He’s using metabolomics to identify metabolic pathways that are particularly active in pluripotent stem cells and cancer, and to come up with ways of modulating. He’s also interested in chromatin regulation in pluripotent stem cell and cancer cell development. Ben is in the Knoepfler Lab.

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