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Hello, World!

Welcome to the new blog about our graduate group: Biochemical, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology or simply BMCDB. Via this blog we hope to bring to you a variety of things, including a campus-wide list of seminars, links to websites you might find useful, a heads up about events for and by BMCDB students and faculty, news items that effect the group, and anything else that might be of interest.

Graduate life is not just about graduate students. Faculty, administrative staff, technicians, undergraduates, and not to forget, friends and family, all contribute to the complexity of graduate student life, so we aim to suggest ways to bring balance to the chaos. We know that navigating the many resources and interesting happenings both in the graduate group and on the web can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we hope to provide you with all of that on a single site: BMCDB.wordpress.com, a scaffold for creative collaboration, informative links, as well as fun and relaxing posts about BMCDB and the biological sciences in general.

As this blog is meant to be for, by and about the graduate group, we encourage everyone (students AND faculty) to submit anything of interest to the following email-address: BMCDB.UCDavis@gmail.com, so we can post it for everyone to see. We also welcome any comments on posts as well as the blog itself. There is always room for improvement … that is why this is a blog about graduate school!

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