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Pizza Seminar with OpGen

The Biotechnology Program Presents:

“Whole-Genome Analysis by Using the Optical Mapping Technology”

Applications for microbial and large genome assembly

Trevor K. Wagner, PhD

Senior Applications Scientist

OpGen, Inc.


The Argus™ Optical Mapping System uses Optical Mapping technology to produce high resolution whole-genome, ordered restriction maps that can be used for microbial strain typing, comparative genomics, and whole-genome sequence assembly.  Unlike other technologies, Optical Mapping focuses on differences and similarities across the entire genome instead of just a few loci, and it is a de novo process that does not require any prior DNA sequence information of the particular organism to perform the analysis.  The Argus™ Optical Mapping System utilizes a MapCard that allows a solution of DNA molecules to flow across an Argus™ Surface, which captures the DNA molecules for individual analysis using a restriction endonuclease.  Individual molecule data includes the number of restriction fragments, size, and order as the restriction fragments occur within the genome is retained on the surface and collected for assembly and analysis.  A completed whole-genome Optical Map contains hundreds of markers across the entire genome that can be used to differentiate closely related strains, identify similarities and differences between organisms, and to accelerate whole genome sequence assembly projects. We will also introduce the new large genome product for sequence scaffolding and assembly, the release of which is planned for October of this year.

UC Davis

June 16th (Thursday) 12-1 pm

Room 1022 Life Sciences Building

Lunch provided

For further information please contact Liz O’Hara: lohara@opgen.com or 510-813-1001

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