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Other blog: “It is possible to travel back in time”

 Of course this is not the only blog on the internet and certainly not the only blog that refers to science or talks about science. One of my (Daniël) favorite blogs is Thoughtomics by Lucas Brouwers. In his latest blog post he discusses a paper published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. He recently graduated from Nijmegen University (Netherlands) in Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases.

The part that I like most about his writing, beyond his topics which tend to be evolution related, is that he attempts to write in plain language. In other words, he tries to write so that not only entrenched scientist can understand it, but also his parents and his non-science friend. And let’s be honest, we are all guilty of taking too much hard-core science to our non-science friends, leaving them behind with the thought: “yes, (s)he is crazy, indeed. Poor guy/girl!”.

Besides following his blog, you can also follow Lucas Brouwers on Twitter or Facebook.

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