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New Open Access journal by HHMI-Max Planck-Wellcome Trust

Three major funding agencies are about to endeavor a new step in collaboration. They unveiled that they are going to create a new journal, which of course is marketed as top-tier. This journal is publish biomedical and life sciences research, according to the Open Access principle. This last detail is of course, as it means that we download the articles for free from anywhere in the world, without having to log into our VPN account.

Not to say that everything is clear yet. No name for this new journal has been announced. No editor-in-chief has been assigned. Neither has an exact date for the launch been mentioned (except it will be in the summer of next year).

Link to HHMI news item.

Link to Nature blog, criticizing HHMI, Max Planck Society and Wellcome Trust for stepping on their toes with their own version (Scientific Reports) of an Open Access journal.

Link to ScienceInsider (Science magazine blog)

Link to commentary by Jonathan Eisen (his blog), a professor in microbiology at UC Davis and advocate for Open Access.

Link to commentary by The Scholarly Kitchen blog.

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