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Call for Alternative Career Option Seminar Speakers AND Hosts

Greetings, BMCDB faculty and students!

     I hope your summer is off to a good start. But far off as it might seem, Fall is just around the corner, and with it our new Career Options Seminar (COS) series…

       Have you been considering what you will do after graduate school? Are you curious about careers outside the traditional academic postdoc and industrial scientist trajectories? Then this seminar series is for you!

      We will feature speakers who earned their PhDs in molecular biology just like you did (or are about to), but then went on to become science journalists, HR people, high school teachers, or work at funding agencies, state or federal labs, or other non-canonical professions. Basically, this will be a forum for discussing what to do after graduate school and how these people got to where they are now—what made them, who they are (professionally speaking, of course).

      To make this a success, we need your help! We will need remarkable speakers to invite and outstanding graduate students to host them. In total we plan to host 9 speakers, so we need 9 hosts.

Do you have friends who are currently working in government, (popular) science journalism, secondary education, or any other career apart from industry or academia? Then we would be honored to have them present at the Career Options Seminar! Keep in mind: nominating someone does not hog-tie you into hosting, so feel free to come up with any name you can think of, and we’ll do our best to find a suitable host.

In fact, if you are just interested in hosting, and have no suggestions for speakers, speak up! The more hands on deck, the less work there is for everyone. We’re happy to have extra potential student hosts.

We will be accepting nominations up until August 1st 2011. PIs and students alike are encouraged to submit the name of the speaker, his or her affiliation, and their general availability.

     Please send us an email at dpmelters@ucdavis.edukatgarvey@ucdavis.edu, or ddguerra@ucdavis.edu.  Don’t be shy, think of everyone you know! With your help, this will certainly be an outstanding seminar series.


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