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2011 BMCDB ColloquiLeaks

Well, not exactly from Julian Assange or as controversial, but the annual BMCDB Colloquium is fast approaching (September 21st) and the second year graduate students, the usual organizers of this event, has provided us with the a list of poster presenters, the lab they represent and the title of their posters. Enjoy the sneak preview!

Phil Spear (Erickson Lab) – Interkinetic nuclear migration in the vertebrate neuroepithelium
Andrew Hamilton (Zito Lab) – The role of the proteasome in activity-dependent dendritic spine formation.
Jordan McEwen (Atsumi Lab) –
Synthetic Biology Approach to Produce Valuable Chemicals from Microorganisms
Marina Ellefson (McNally Lab)
– CDK-1 inhibits meiotic spindle shortening and dynein-dependent meiotic spindle rotation in C. elegans.
Po-Yuan Tung (Knoepfler Lab)
– A novel pluripotency-related oncogene network in ESC’s
Katrina Garvey, Damien Guerra and
Daniël P Melters (Furlow, Callis and Korf and Chan Labs) – Career Options Seminar
Shangming Tang
(Hunter Lab) – Identification of Joint Molecule Resolving Activities in Vivo during Meiotic
Khavong Pha (Navarro Lab)
– Functional analysis of Yersinia protein kinase A autophosphorylation sites
Alex King (Navarro Lab)
– Role of Gαq-β Integrin Interactions in Yersinia Pathogenesis
Bernadette Nera and Annie Chiu (Xu Lab)
– Regulation of Telomere Length by telomeric binding protein TRF2 in human cells. 
Daniel B. Dranow (Draper Lab)
– Germline stem cells and ovary regeneration in the adult zebrafish, Danio rerio
Ashley McDonough
(Martinez-Cerdeno Lab) – Endogenous stem cell response to spinal cord injury
John Riggs (Knoepfler Lab) –
Induced pluripotency and oncogenic transformation are distinct, but related processes
Daniël P Melters
(Chan and Korf Labs) – Centromeres: to boldy go where no one has gone before.
Amanda Fox (Navarro Lab)
– Possible Immunoregulatory Functions of TULP4
Amy S. Fabritius (McNally Lab)
– Polar body extrusion is mediated by separase-activated global cortical contraction
Eugenel Espiritu (Rose Lab)
– LET-99, a novel G protein regulator for asymmetric division.
Chin-Min Kimmy Ho
– The Arabidopsis MAP65-3 Protein Cross-links Anti-parallel Microtubules toward Their Plus Ends in the Phragmoplast via Its Distinct C-terminal Microtubule-binding Domain
Gordon A. Walker (Bisson Lab)
S. cerevisiae Wine Isolates Bypassing Glucose-Associated Repression, Via A Novel Prion Mechanism
Kate Lawrence (Engebrecht Lab)
– Spindle assembly checkpoint plays a role in DNA-damage-induced cell cycle arrest in C. elegans male germ line
Derek Ricketson (Nunnari Lab)
– Two Distinct Functions of Mgm1 in Mitochondrial Physiology
Alex Gulevich (Lagarias Lab)
– A rainbow of possibilities: Why are there so many cyanobacteriochromes?

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  1. September 9, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Will you also post the rest of the colloquium schedule? Such as speakers?

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