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2011-2012 BMCDB Colloquium schedule

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On Wednesday, September 21th, 2011 the 2011 BMCDB Colloquium will be held in LSA 1022 and the courtyard. This is the schedule.

Session I
8:30 AM Breakfast at 1022 LSA
9:00 AM Welcome
9:05 AM Dr. Jodi Nunnari, Keynote Speaker
The behavior of mitochondria
9:30 AM Dr. Jan Nolta, Faculty Speaker
Therapies using genetically modified human mesenchymal stem cells: from the bench
to the bedside
9:55 AM Damian Guerra, Student Speaker
The ubiquitin ligase LOSS OF GDU Phenotype 2 is essential for GLUTAMINE
DUMPER-1 activated amino acid export
10:20 AM Introduction of New BMCDB Students
10:30 AM Group photos of BMCDB graduate group in the LSA Courtyard

Session II
10:45 AM Dr. Jawdat Al-Bassam, Faculty Speaker
Structural and Biophysical studies of Microtubule Polymerases and Depolymerases
11:10 AM Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipient: Dr. Carol Erickon
11:20 AM Shannon Ceballos, Student Speaker
Mutating Rad51 to better understand the role of Rad54 in hologous recombination
11:45 AM Dr. Judy Kjelstrom
Introduction to the DEB
12:00 PM Lunch/Poster Session in the LSA Courtyard

Session III
1:25 PM Daniël Melters, Student Speaker
Centromeric tandem repeats: to boldly go where no one has gone before
1:50 PM Dr. Bruce Draper, Faculty Speaker
Oogonial stem cells in zebrafish
2:15 PM Presentation of Teaching Award
Recipient: Dr. Richard Tucker
2:25 PM Dr. Erin Tapley, Post-doc speaker
Making and breaking Caenorhabditis elegans nuclear envelope SUN-KASH bridges:
Dissecting the mechanism of inner nuclear membrane protein targeting
2:50 PM Announcement of Poster Competition Winners
3:00 PM Kickball tournament: Faculty vs. Students @ Dairy Field
5:30 PM Dinner at Prof. Segel’s house

Keys to a new life by Nancy Parmalee

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Single mother and aspiring scientist Nancy Parmalee takes the long route to her PhD.


Link to video.

Thanks to Keith Bradnam for bringing this our attention.

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Sign-up for BMCDB Student Seminar Series 2011-2012

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A new year and new series of Student Seminars.
One of the most important skills a scientist needs is good verbal presentation skills. The best way to gain this skill is by practising (practice makes perfect).
No matter if you are an incoming graduate student, practising for your QE or working to get out of here. Everyone needs to practice.
Would you like to practice your presentation skills in a non-pressure environment (read: no PI present)?
This is the forum for you!
Are you practicing for your QE?
This is the forum for you!
Below are the dates for the Fall-Winter-Spring quarter. If you are interested, please select 2(-3) dates in order of preference (1st, 2nd) and email me (
Dates will be assigned by first-come-first-serve principle, so be quick to respond with your preferred dates.
Fall 2011
Oct 05 – available
Oct 19 – available
Nov 02 – not available
Nov 16 – not  available
Nov 30 – not available
Winter 2012
Jan 11 – available
Jan 25 – available
Feb 08 – available
Feb 22 – available
Mar 07 – available
Spring 2012
Mar 28 – available
Apr 11 – available
Apr 25 – not available
May 09 – available
May 23 – not available
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Joint Seminars in Molecular Biology

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MCB Joint Seminar Series


CBS Faculty Research Award Talks


Dr. Wolf Heyer

Professor of Microbiology

“Human BRCA2 Protein Promotes RAD51 Filament Formation on RPA-covered Single-stranded DNA”

Dr. Martin Graef
(Postdoc in Dr. Jodi Nunnari’s lab)

“Mitochondria regulate autophagy by conserved signaling pathways”


Dr. Charles Gasser

Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology

“Seedless fruits and the disruption of a conserved genetic pathway in angiosperm ovule development”


Thursday, September 22, 2011

4:10 p.m.

1022 Life Sciences

 Faculty Host: James Trimmer

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