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2011-2012 BMCDB Colloquium schedule

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On Wednesday, September 21th, 2011 the 2011 BMCDB Colloquium will be held in LSA 1022 and the courtyard. This is the schedule.

Session I
8:30 AM Breakfast at 1022 LSA
9:00 AM Welcome
9:05 AM Dr. Jodi Nunnari, Keynote Speaker
The behavior of mitochondria
9:30 AM Dr. Jan Nolta, Faculty Speaker
Therapies using genetically modified human mesenchymal stem cells: from the bench
to the bedside
9:55 AM Damian Guerra, Student Speaker
The ubiquitin ligase LOSS OF GDU Phenotype 2 is essential for GLUTAMINE
DUMPER-1 activated amino acid export
10:20 AM Introduction of New BMCDB Students
10:30 AM Group photos of BMCDB graduate group in the LSA Courtyard

Session II
10:45 AM Dr. Jawdat Al-Bassam, Faculty Speaker
Structural and Biophysical studies of Microtubule Polymerases and Depolymerases
11:10 AM Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipient: Dr. Carol Erickon
11:20 AM Shannon Ceballos, Student Speaker
Mutating Rad51 to better understand the role of Rad54 in hologous recombination
11:45 AM Dr. Judy Kjelstrom
Introduction to the DEB
12:00 PM Lunch/Poster Session in the LSA Courtyard

Session III
1:25 PM Daniël Melters, Student Speaker
Centromeric tandem repeats: to boldly go where no one has gone before
1:50 PM Dr. Bruce Draper, Faculty Speaker
Oogonial stem cells in zebrafish
2:15 PM Presentation of Teaching Award
Recipient: Dr. Richard Tucker
2:25 PM Dr. Erin Tapley, Post-doc speaker
Making and breaking Caenorhabditis elegans nuclear envelope SUN-KASH bridges:
Dissecting the mechanism of inner nuclear membrane protein targeting
2:50 PM Announcement of Poster Competition Winners
3:00 PM Kickball tournament: Faculty vs. Students @ Dairy Field
5:30 PM Dinner at Prof. Segel’s house

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