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Bearded Scientist might kill his family

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At least that was what this study was trying to find the answer to. Result: more bacteria and viral particles remained on beards compared to shaven versions, but if this was truly a hazard to their families remains unknown, as this comment a year later highlights. A very useful study.

For more pubmed fun read this blog: NCBI ROFL.

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Motivation for students – tips for PIs

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With the incoming students rotating through labs to find a place for the next several years, it might be useful to read about how some PIs think about how to keep students (and even post-docs) motivated. A well motivated student can be very productive, which will be beneficial to both parties involved.

Uri Alon wrote a piece in Cell over a year ago. He thinks that three condition for motivated behavior is critical:

competence, autonomy, and social connectedness.

The last one seems a bit odd, but think about Uri’s following comment:

… a lot of lab work is dull, and having people to joke with and chat to can turn a mundane day into a fantastic one.

While rotating through labs, looking out for PIs who think like Uri Alon might benefit you, but it might also be helpful to think about these things for those students who have joined a lab already and of course for PIs who are dealing less than optimally motivated students.

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24/7 work ethic for work and leisure

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Recently in Nature two articles (commentary/stories) presented two ways of looking at the 24 hours per day, 7 days per week that is available to all of us.

1. Combining work and life outside the lab into a balanced approach. –> work to live principle (thank you Kasia Kaścielska)

2. Before going to lab, make sure you are already in the lab working, 24/7. –> live to work principle

The are both worth a read and it is always good to develop your own rhythm / balance between work and life.

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Career Exploration Groups For Graduate Students

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Graduate Student Career Exploration Group, meets Mondays 10-11:30 in the 2nd Floor North Hall Library:

This group is specifically for graduate students who want explore the fit of one or more career options of interest or expand their consideration of possible careers. Group members will integrate data from their personal strengths, work and family perspectives, and career assessments with occupational information. Group members are asked to increase their exposure to occupational information and opportunities over the course of the term. Please note total cost of assessments is $45 and expected time commitment for activities outside of the 1.5 hour, 6 session group time is approximately 1-2 hours per week.

You may decide whether you want to join the group at the “Orientation to the Career Exploration Groups”, on a first come, first served basis using a sign-in sheet (up to 8, perhaps 10). The orientation provides information about the assessments, the goals of the group, and description of our activities for the 6 sessions. Currently the Orientation date will be during the 3rd week of the term, at the same time/locations as the group meetings, or Oct 10th for  Grad students. If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact

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