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Chancellor’s speakers series 2011-12

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The UC Davis Chancellor’s Colloquium Distinguished Speakers Series launches its third year this fall with a lineup of 4 lectures by 4 distinguished speakers.

Tuesday, Oct. 25 — Cathy Davidson, the Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of English and John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke University.

Wednesday, Nov. 30 — Charles Vest, president emeritus and professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tuesday, Jan. 10 — Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences and chair of the National Research Council.

Wednesday, Feb. 22 — Chuck Young, chancellor emeritus of UCLA, and a public policy professor in the UCLA School of Public Affairs.

All talks will begin at 4 p.m. in the Mondavi Center’s Vanderhoef Studio Theatre. The lectures are free and open to all who are interested. Each lecture will be followed by a Q&A and a reception. To reserve a seat, call 530-574-2262

Past lectures can be viewed online on the UCTV website,

Data sharing with PI for nurturing feedback

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A great article about a Anne Jefferson talking about her experience as a PI and what she thinks of grad students sharing their fresh data with her. In short, to make your PI (or at least Anne Jefferson) happy, share your most recently collected data with your PI often!

My plea to students, both proximal and distal, is to show your mentors the data. It doesn’t matter if the data aren’t completely polished or that you don’t have everything figured out yet. We want to see it anyways.

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Frontiers in Genetics – PLoS ONE model expands

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Frontiers in Genentics is sort of like PLoS ONE in that manuscripts don’t have to present completely novel ideas, but with the added post-review by peers that will determine its impact on the field. This is an attempt to reduce the time between submission and publication, but also to reduce cost of publication in itself.

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