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Alternative Career Option Seminar – first speaker David Posner

This academic year will show case a new seminar series for the BMCDB graduate group: the Career Options Seminar series.
During this series, we will introduce you to 9 people who have obtained a PhD in molecular biology, but have left academia to seek a career outside of it (yet, might still be affiliated to). On the 2nd Tuesday of each month of each quarter one of these 9 people will give their personal experience in how they made the transition, what made them decide to go their respective career path, what were important skills that they learned during their PhD training for their current position, and what advice they might have for current PhD students.
Tuesday, October 11, 2011
LSA 1022
David Posner, HR Cisco
host: Michelle Tu
His biosketch:

David Posner – human resources Cisco:

Host: Michelle Tu (mktu [at] ucdavis [dot] edu)

Since earning his doctorate at UCDavis, in the fields of plant ecology and evolutionary biology, David Posner has milked the concept of transferable skills like nobody’s business. The common thread through his varied career in the private sector has been performance- and process-improvement analytics, and his doctoral endeavors provided unexepctedly rich preparation.
Currently managing a small analytics team for global inclusion and diversity at Cisco, Dr. Posner has also delivered innovative work in e-learning research and delivery; IT business executive metrics; and organizational maturity modeling, including business architecture planning and portfolio management.
Dr. Posner telecommutes from Berkeley, CA, where he lives with his husband and 2 children, while balancing work and family in a manner most commonly shared by professional working mothers.

This seminar series is open to anyone: students, postdoc, techs, PIs, undergraduates, etc, so please spread the word!
We hope to see you all on Tuesday October 11th at 10h30 in LSA 1022. After the talk, 4 additional people will be able to ask David more questions over lunch.
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