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Hey BMCDBers and old school BMBers and CDBers!

First years stressed out about classes and rotations? Second years already worrying about QE’s? Third and Fourth years glad your Fallen Leaf talks are over? Fifth years and beyond ready to get out of Davis? Well let’s all meet up and unwind this Friday at our monthly TGIF! We’ll be having free beer and pizza and the Second years managed to get a donation from Lagunitas Brewing Co. to give to the TGIF events (we’ll have other beers too). Not a fan of beer? We’ll also have plenty of soda, water and we’ll have wine this time to entice the connoisseurs of the group. Even though this is a student run event, faculty and staff are always welcome – and we hope to see you there!

TGIF will be in the LSA Courtyard this Friday, October 21st and we’ll be ready for you at 5:30 PM. We’re going to bring some tunes to the yard this time so we hope you can come by and kick it with everyone!

(`-`) (._. ) (· – ·) ( ._.) ( ‘ -‘)
The TGIF Committee
(`-`) (._. ) (· – ·) ( ._.) ( ‘ -‘)

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