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Occupy UCD: Rally At the Quad 11/21/11

Today at 12 PM an unprecedentedly large crowd of students gathered on the UCD Quad to hear other students speak about the events that occurred last Friday. The speeches were given mostly by students who had been front and center for getting sprayed on the 18th. They focused on their personal accounts of what had happened. From what I was able to gather it sounds as if all of the tents and personal effects had been removed by the time the police started to encircle the students on the ground. All of the students who spoke said they had no previous warning that they were about to be sprayed at point-blank range with weapons grade pepper spray. Only the cries from the onlookers gave them any warning to duck their heads and try desperately to cover their faces. Several students reported that their extreme discomfort, pain, and suffering went well beyond the 20-40 minutes that pepper spray is supposed to last. One of the women who had been sprayed in the face and rendered blind for 30 minutes was lucky enough to receive medical attention and brought to the hospital, another student who had been arrested was detained without prompt medical care and said that he was still feeling the effects up to 12 hours later.

Due to my busy schedule I was unable to continue listening to the speeches, but from what I heard it seems as if the police officers at the scene are ultimately at fault for what occurred. I am still undecided on what this University should do about its much maligned Chancellor, she has been an incredibly effective leader up to this point. If she continues to skirt the issue without explicitly apologizing I do not believe she will be allowed to stay on as Chancellor.

Almost everyone there was taking pictures or video, so I am sure there will be hundreds of accounts posted. More updates to come as these videos and pictures are posted.

-Gordon Walker

Here is a better summary of today’s rally at the MU Quad. Thanks to SFGate Blog

Here is a picture of the Quad at noonish, thanks to John Riggs. Hard to get a real sense of how many people were there, but it is easily the biggest assembly of students I have ever seen on this campus.

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