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Open Letter to Katehi by College of Biological Sciences

Dear Chancellor Katehi,

On behalf of the College of Biological Sciences, the CBS Executive
Committee condemns the actions taken by University Police against
peaceful protesters in the campus quad last Friday afternoon.  The use
of pepper spray to disperse protestors sitting on a sidewalk was
completely at odds with your stated directive that Police would be not
interfere with peaceful campus demonstrations.  We believe you owe a
direct apology to the students who were injured.  This action is
inconsistent with our campus’ Principles of Community and has tarnished
our reputation as an institution of higher learning that promotes the
free expression of diverse perspectives.  It is particularly troubling
that this incident occurs precisely at the moment when we are attempting
to raise our national and international stature and presence.  We agree
with your decision that an immediate and thorough investigation into the
events of Friday is critical.  Placing the Chief of Police and the two
officers involved in the action on administrative leave is a welcomed
first step, and we expect that the investigation will hold all involved


Ted Powers

Ted Powers, PhD
Chair, CBS Executive Committee
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology College of Biological
Sciences One Shields Ave UC Davis Davis, CA 95616

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