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UCDavis Seminars this week…

Seminars this week..

Monday, November 21st

Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry AGC 290-001- 4:10-6:00, 1 Wellman-Lucas Silva, Dept. land, Air and Water Resources “Use of stable isotopes to probes ecological processes”

GGG Seminar in Genomics & Epigenetics 4:10 pm 1022 LSANicole King, UC Berkeley, Choanoflagellate colony development as a new model for studying host-microbe interactions

Tuesday, November 22nd

Department of Chemistry 4:00-5:00pm Chem 179-George O’Doherty, Northeastern (http://www.northeastern.edu/chem/faculty_and_research/faculty/george_odoherty/)

Center for Population Biology (CPB) Seminar Series 4:10 – 5:30PM 1022 Life Sciences BuildingPhil Ward, Professor: Dept. of Entomology, UC Davis “Evolution and diversification of ants”

Wednesday, November 23rd

Plant Sciences Departmental Seminar 12pm-1pm PES 3001-Georgia Drakakaki: “Endomembrane trafficking and polysaccharide deposition”

Thursday, Friday- Happy Thanksgiving!


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