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“Call for a General Strike” by @OccupyUCDavis

Dear UC Davis Faculty Member,

On behalf of the 99.5% of students, faculty, and workers who voted in favor of a General Strike to be held this coming Monday, November 28th, we are asking that you cancel your scheduled classes or hold your class on the quad this coming Monday in solidarity with your fellow community members against the terrible acts of police brutality committed this past week on our campus.
Our call for a walk-out lies on a series of undeniable principles of equality and democracy that we all share:
  1. The right to peacefully redress government for grievances of social inequality under the first amendment
  2. The right to not be brutally beaten for exercising these rights
  3. Teachers, TAs, professors, faculty, and staff have the right to tenure and a fair wage
  4. Education is a social right and fee-increases and budget cuts are unnecessary given the obscene plundering of the economy by the richest Americans over the past years
  5. The fight for education is synonymous with the fight for equality in all social realms: housing, food, healthcare, transportation, energy, etc.
  6. The US Government’s prioritization of war and tax cuts for the rich above social services for working Americans is unjust and should be reversed
This is a call to join the walkout against police br available utality and social inequality. We are making space and facilities (white boards, etc.) for all who are interested in holding class on the quad. Any special requests by teachers and faculty will be accommodated to the best of our ability.
Please respond to this email letting us know which of the three options you will be choosing:
  • I plan to cancel all classes Monday
  • I plan to hold classes in the quad Monday
  • I do not plan to cancel classes and I do not support the fight for public education
Please let us know of your plans ASAP.
Thank you for your cooperation!
-Occupy UC Davis
–            –            –
Note: A link to the General Strike proposal can be found here:
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