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Former UC Davis law professor Cruz Reynoso chairs task force on pepper spray incident

University of California President Mark G. Yudof announced today (Nov. 28) the appointment of former California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso to chair the task force formed to address the pepper spraying of UC Davis students.

Reynoso, a UC Davis law professor emeritus who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2000, will be “absolutely fair,” Yudof said.

Here you can read the entire article.

In short, the Yudof Task Force will have a chair that taught at UC Davis and will be led by the controversial former NYPD and LAPD chief Bill Bratton. This independent Task Force will report back to Yudof in 30 days. Furthermore, Yudof also appointed UC General Counsel Charles Robinson and UC Berkeley School of Law Dean Christopher Edley Jr. to lead a UC-wide review of UC police protocols and policies that apply to protest management on UC campuses.

These two processes are the result of a teleconference between Yudof and all campus chancellors. The third point (put in place a structure to assemble recommendations for longer-term practices to ensure the safety of members of the UC community engaged in peaceful protest) remains to be satisfied. It is surprising that such as a large university system (159,000 undergraduates over 10 campuses, according to Wikipedia) with a history of protest (who can recall or heard stories of UC Berkeley in the 1960s?) has no adequate plans to deal with protests that meets today standard. The Occupy movement had been going on for over 2 months before the first tents went up at the UC Berkeley campus. History tells us that students are likely to protests, despite the heavy financial burden put upon them in forms of tuition fees (one of the reasons for the protests at UC Berkeley and UC Davis).  The possibility of encampment at UC campuses should have been anticipated on. Simply referring to the rule that no tents are to be allowed on UC ground seems to be out of touch with the current reality and this disconnect is at the core of the conflict between students and UC police. Also the availability of alternative weapons to police officers has been linked to more use of force by the police, possibly on the premise of it is easily available. It will be interesting to see what these Task Forces of Yudof will report.

Here you can find a list of all publications by the University of California regarding Administrative action in response to the pepper spray incident.

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