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UC Regents Raise Administrators’ Salaries

An article in the online newpaper The Bay Citizen writes about the protests at yesterday’s UC Regents board meeting. There were two important items on the agenda of the protesters: 1) the pepper spray incident and 2) the tuition fee hike.

With regards to the latter, the UC Regents had a meeting after the board meeting discussing salaries of some of the administrators and lawyers:

The Regents then reconvened in a smaller room down the hall from the protesters, where they voted to raise the salaries of nearly a dozen university administrators and lawyers by as much as 21.9 percent.

This seems just a little inappropriate by the UC Regents. The common argument by UC has been that the brightest minds would leave the UC system, unless they are given salaries that are comparable to private institutions and corporations.

Mark G. Yudof, the university system president and a regent, said the raises were necessary to attract and retain talented employees.

How this works and what the evidence is to support this claim remains to be presented. The link between tuition hikes for the short term students (4 years for an undergraduate and 4-5(+) years for a graduate students) and increased pays for top administrators is too easy to make (even if it is not there). For as long as the UC Regents do not address this obvious link, the disconnect between them and the students will remain.

Source: The Bay Citizen (http://s.tt/14l6d)

  1. dogwood
    November 29, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    Here in what is now the eastern part of the United States, In the early days of the colonies, there was a type of worker who was called, an “indentured servant”. This person would come over to the colonies from generally, a place like England. The passage to the New World would be paid by an employer, who would then employ the servant, now in debt in a totally strange land. Of course, there were myriad abuses committed by the employer. After often 7 or quite a few more years of the worker being engaged in this servant role, the debt may be paid off. This is just a rough sketch of this old form of debt-to-be-paid-off-by-work. The worker, now in the role of servant, immigrant, debt-holder would be quite vulnerable to the demands of the employer, and other forms of exploitation. Now the students in the University of California system, and in other college and university systems in the United States seem to be, once again, engaging in a form of indentured servant-hood.

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