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OnlineUniversities forgot to mention OccupyUCDavis


In an article on another blog, named OnlineUniversities.com, 11 college campuses with major Occupy movements.

These are: Duke, UC Berkeley, Seattle Central Community College, Boston University, Auburn, Brown, University of New Mexico, Oklahoma State, UCLA, Iowa State, and Humboldt State.

Please read and feel free to leave a comment.

Edit: A brief excerpt:

Occupy Wall Street has been going on for months now, and although reactions to the movement are mixed, there are protest locations numbering somewhere near 1,000. Within that number are several college campuses that boast major Occupy movements, whether there’s a presence on campus, or simply very active students involved in their local Occupy chapter. There’s even an Occupy Colleges movement, formed to protest college tuition hikes amid staggering student loan debt. Like Occupy Wall Street, Occupy movements on college campuses have been met with mixed reactions, some finding great support in university administration, and others fighting an uphill battle. Read on, and we’ll take a look at the beliefs, incidents, and status of 11 college Occupy movements going on today.

  1. Marcis Gasuns
    December 1, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    Chaos is not good, mostly they, those who appeal to the public for occupying Wall Street, should realize that as the populition of the world grows wider, it’ll hard not just to study but simly to live, I don’t find the authorities guilty here

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