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Short #UCDavis news: pay raise, pepper spray questions, and more

Here you can find several questions Keith Bradnam, a project scientist in Ian Korf’s lab at the Genome Center, regarding the pepper spray incident of November 18. His main questions are:

3. What were the specific instructions to Police Chief Spicuzza regarding the removal of students and/or tents?

6. What specific instructions did Police Chief Spicuzza give to her officers?

7. What specific instructions were given to Lt. Pike – and to the second (as yet unamed) police officer who also used pepper spray?

Here you can find an article in The Atlantic questioning of the investigations into the pepper spray incident are actually independent. This is the last paragraph of the article:

After all, those students who were pepper sprayed in the face were protesting, in large part, the encroaching privatization of the university. Picking a company with Kroll’s corporate entanglements to conduct the investigation is incredibly tactless at best.

Last Monday the UC Regents board had a meeting across four campuses the day after Thanksgiving weekend after their initial meeting scheduled for November 16 was cancelled over fear of protesters. This meeting was also cut short because of protesters (news article here and here). Directly following this shortened meeting, the UC regents reconvened to discuss the pay raise for 12 of their top administrators and lawyers. Two UC Davis people were awarded lavish pay raises. Vincent Johnson, the Chief Operating Officer of the UC Davis Medical Center received a 23% pay raise (in other words he can add $103,500 to his pay check next year) and Steven Drown, a top lawyer for UC Davis received a 21.9% pay raise (in other words he can add $44,995 to his pay check next year). Keep in mind that the student protesters who interrupted the UC Regents board meeting were in part protesting the proposed 81% tuition fee hike that awaits them.

For all good measure, here you can find the SacBee’s list of State Workers salaries.

As a reminder for the graduate and professional students of UC Davis – tomorrow there is a Town Hall meeting with Chancellor Katehi and other specially for you.


Here you can find an article in The Bay Citizen looking into Bill Bratton’s advice history. Apparently, he urged Brown University to arm their campus police officers.

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