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Joint Seminars in Molecular Biology UC Davis – Winter quarter schedule



College of Biological Sciences


January 12
“Cilia and Cell Signaling: The Importance of One”
Tim Stearns, Ph.D.
Faculty Host: Frank McNally (fjmcnally@ucdavis.edu)

January 19
“From iron oxides to infections: new roles for redox-active antibiotics”
Dianne Newman, Ph.D.
Host: Jonathan Hughes (jghughes@ucdavis.edu)

January 26
“Invade and Conquer: How the parasite Toxoplasma gondii forces its way into host cells”
Gary Ward, Ph.D.
Faculty Host: Jim Trimmer (jtrimmer@ucdavis.edu)

February 2
“Non-Genetic Individuality: Molecular Noise as a Phenotype”
Hana El-Samad, Ph.D.
Faculty Hosts: Simon Chan (srchan@ucdavis.edu) & Katie Dehesh

February 9
“Regulation of Neurotransmitter Receptor Function and Synaptic Plasticity in the Brain”
Richard Huganir, Ph.D.
Host: Danielle Mandikian (dnmandikian@ucdavis.edu)

February 16
“TOR kinase signaling cascade regulates endocytosis via phosphoinhibition of an arrestin-related Ub ligase adaptor”
Scott Emr, Ph.D.
Faculty Host: Jodi Nunnari (jmnunnari@ucdavis.edu)

February 23
“How do cells get the right chromosomes?”
Sue Biggins, Ph.D.
Faculty Host: Jawdat Al-Bassam (jmalbassam@ucdavis.edu)

March 8
Robert Batey, Ph.D.
Faculty Host: Chris Fraser (csfraser@ucdavis.edu)

March 15
“Unconventional function of a conventional kinesin: moving on moving tracks”
Vladimir Gelfand, Ph.D.
Faculty Host: Jonathan Scholey (jmscholey@ucdavis.edu)

Sponsored by: The College of Biological Sciences, Graduate Group in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Department of Plant Biology, Molecular & Cellular Biology Training Grant (NIH), Microbiology, and Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology.
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