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BMCDB Graduate Group Annual Retreat

The BMCDB Graduate Group

Annual Retreat

January 28-29, 2012

Bodega Marine Laboratory

Spend a beautiful weekend in Bodega Bay at the BMCDB Annual Retreat!  The retreat will feature our own second year students (and others) giving short presentations of their thesis work in preparation for their qualifying exams. Faculty, please attend and support your students! First year students are also expected to attend (presentations optional!). There may also be room for some faculty talks with priority given to new members of the group. Please contact Aaron for more information about talks and presentations.

Second years, in addition to preparing your talk we are asking your help in persuading your faculty advisor to attend the retreat. To help motivate you and to give your PI an even stronger reason to show up, every second year who “brings” their PI will be entered into a drawing for cash and fabulous prizes – well, it will be good anyway.

The Bodega Marine Lab is on the Sonoma County coast. It’s a spectacular venue complete with dunes, pounding surf, tide pools and grey whales just off shore. It’s about a 2-hour drive from Davis through Napa and Sonoma County. Housing isn’t the Ritz, but it has a certain rustic charm! Student & Faculty expenses will be covered by the Group.

Agenda: The meeting will start at 11:00am on Saturday, January 28th with check-in and lunch, followed by talks, posters/beer, dinner/beer/wine and the traditional group party. On Sunday we’ll have breakfast, more talks and lunch before hitting the road. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the coast in the afternoon and stop for a fun meal in Santa Rosa. A Saturday morning bicycle ride along some pretty spectacular roads (hills included) will be organized by your chair (contact kbkaplan@ucdavis.edu for more info).

To sign up, see your UC Davis email inbox with the registration forms.

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