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Gut Bacteria Different in Autistic, Non-Autistic Children

From the Huffington Post UK:

Scientists have found that the bacteria in the gut of autistic children is different from that of non-autistic children.

Researchers from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University found that microorganisms residing in the gut of autistic children are different from other children but they are yet to determine whether these gut differences are a cause or an effect of autism, reports the American Society For Microbiology (ASMUSA).

The results, published in the mBio journal, found that a bacteria belonging to the Sutterella group in the gut was found in 12 of 23 tissue samples from autistic children. The same bacteria were not present in the samples of non-autistic children.

According to Jorge Benach, Chairman of the Department of Microbiology at Stony Brook University: “The Sutterella bacteria has been associated with gastrointestinal diseases below the diaphragm, and whether it’s a pathogen or not is still not clear. It is not a very well-known bacterium.”

Scientists are now hoping to find out why this organism is only present in autistic children.

“The relationship between different microorganisms and the host and the outcomes for disease and development is an exciting issue,” says Christine A. Biron, Professor of Medical Science at Brown University.

“This paper is important because it starts to advance the question of how the resident microbes interact with a disorder that is poorly understood,” adds professor Biron.

Read the entire article here or read the original manuscript here.

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