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Concerned about the Job Market? Seeking a Career beyond Academia?

3 Workshops for Career Success!

(register at http://iccweb.ucdavis.edu/graduates/pathway.htm)

1) Interview Etiquette: Strategies for Success

Unsure about how to present yourself for an interview? This workshop will focus on points of etiquette that will make your interview flow smoothly and will leave your interviewer with a great impression of you! Topics will include greetings, attire, interviewing over a meal, networking at social events and much more.

Workshop Leader:
Joaquin Feliciano, PhD, Greek Life Coordinator, Student Housing, UC Davis

2) Negotiating Your First Position (Beyond Academia)

Join us for an informative discussion of the do’s and don’ts of negotiating your first position outside academia.  Our workshop leader will offer expert advice on how to put your best foot forward and successfully negotiate your new position including information about salary and benefits negotiation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a skill vital to your career success.

Workshop Leader:
Robert Enzerink, MBA, Partner, The MarkeTech Group, Principal, MEDGroup


3) An Inside Look at an Interview (Beyond Academia)

Come watch an actual (mock) interview. Our workshop leader, Mary Johnson, will lead you through the interview process as she interviews a graduate student, for a position outside of academia. Dr. Johnson will lead the audience in a critique of the interview to enable you to determine for yourself what works or doesn’t work without actually being in the hot seat!

Mock Interviewer:
Mary G. Johnson, PhD, Human Resources Director at Haemonetics

Mock interviewee:
Cory T. Ellison, Harmer Lab Graduate Student, Plant Biology Graduate Group

All graduate students and postdocs are invited to these workshops which are part of the

Pathways Career Symposium
Saturday, January 28th, Wellman Hall

To register for the symposium (free) and for information on other workshops and panel discussions click on

You can come to one workshop or attend as many as you’d like!

Sponsored by the Internship and Career Center and the Office of Graduate Studies

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