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In Chris’s Memory …

by Erin Schwartz

In Chris’s memory…

Chris and I were in the same incoming class and shared a joy of sports and the outdoors.  I wish I had photos from the days that we were together, but no one ever carried a camera during a game.  Chris was always active and outgoing.  She participated in intramurals and showed that us science geeks could have a strong physical presence on the field.  She was hardworking and competitive, but patient and understanding when things went wrong.  I recall when, in my ignorance of the game, I instinctively went to protect my face with my hands and lost a point to the other team with a penalty kick, to which Chris replied “It’s okay!” and gave me a supportive pat on the back to bring me back for the last part of the game.

With her kind heart, smile, and joyous laughter she was easy to get along with and a pleasure to be around.  I think that smile of hers was infectious because I couldn’t help but smile around her.  The world was a better place with her in it.  I am saddened by the thought that
I will not get a chance to see her again on this Earth.  Be at peace, my friend.


  1. alicia rogan
    February 1, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    i was christina’s advisor for the hiking club at castle high school. my funniest memory of her was when she and a classmate challenged the 2 advisors to a basketball game..after a hike. well…we stopped to get shaved ice…and hoped that the girls would go home. they were waiting at the basketball courts…where we got smoked. advisor’s @ 5′ 1″ and 5′, and christina @ 5’5+.
    she lived her life fully with quality. i wish there was quantity.
    i will miss her..she was such a brilliant light of life. a great loss for castle high.
    she will be waiting in heaven at the basketball courts for me, i bet.
    my sympathies to her family.
    alicia rogan

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