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Career Options Seminar – a Career in Science Writing – Jane de Lartigue

What are the odds that you will follow your PI in becoming a tenured faculty? Yep, less than 25%. Would it make sense to focus your entire PhD career on that 1 in 4 shot (assuming those odds don’t deteriorate once you get your shot at a tenured track faculty position)? Of course not. Therefore we offer your an insight in the various career options there are for people with a PhD in molecular biology (and related fields), so you can make an educated plan for your own future. You can have plans for the day after your finish your PhD.

Career Options Seminar

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Jane de Lartigue

10h30 am

LSA 1022

Jane completed a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Physiology at the University of Liverpool in England, where she’s from, prior to moving to California to start a postdoc in the Scholey lab at UC Davis. After 2 years of postdoctoral research she left the lab to follow her passion for science writing. She started up her own freelance scientific writing and editing company, Jane de Lartigue Science Communications (JLSC,) in January 2011. Over the past year she has cultivated clients in fields ranging from academia to pharmaceutical companies and specialist medical magazines. She is also active in the online scientific communications community via blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Whatever you study, this will be a good talk to attend because Jane will provide insight into how she succeeded in her career using the sheepskin we are all working for.

Tell your fellow grad students, techs, postdocs, and PI and we’ll see you on February 14th!

Kind regards,

-Daniël Melters, Katrina Garvey, Damian Guerra

COS Committee

Seminar schedule (https://bmcdb.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/career-option-seminar-schedule/):

Fall quarter
11 Oct 2011 – David Posner, UC Davis graduate, human resources Cisco
08 Nov 2011 – Paul Henderson, National lab + start-up company
13 Dec 2011 – Eric Jonas, CEO of Novia Systems start-up, PhD student at MIT

Winter quarter
10 Jan 2012 – Sharon Bergquist, Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellows, policy and global affairs
14 Feb 2012 – Jane de Lartigue, freelance science writer
13 Mar 2012* – Dave Crotty, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, executive editor CSHL Protocol

Spring quarter
10 Apr 2012 – Mel Bradnam, grant office at UC Davis Cancer Center
08 May 2012 – Megan Hall, associate editor PLoS Biology
12 Jun 2012** – Jacqueline Alldritt, high-school teacher

All talks will be at 10h30 in LSA1022.

* will be on a Friday at 2pm in LSA1022

** will be on a Tuesday, but at 4pm in LSA1022

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