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BMCDB blog Photo Contest 2012

We at the BMCDB Blog proudly invite you to be part of our next photo contest! Have a cool picture that you took in the course of working on you research? Send it in to our email at BMCDB.UCDavis@gmail.com with a short description of what the picture is, and how it was taken/processed. These pictures do not have to be significant or interesting data, just some of the really cool images we produce in the course of doing science. The emphasis of this contest is on aesthetics so doctored photos are alright, just make note of what program you used. We will award prizes for the top 3 photos at the BMCDB BBQ in June, last year’s prizes included a $70 and $50 Costco gift card along with lots of other great swag. So send us your picture today, and keep up with ground breaking science, UC Davis News, funny links, BMCDB social events, and all kinds of good stuff at the Official BMCDB Blog!

BMCDB Moderators

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