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A Letter To UC Davis Students From Chancellor Katehi

Dear UC Davis Students,

I made a commitment to personally and persistently advocate for additional 
state and federal investment in our university to help ease the financial
burdens faced by students like you and to make UC Davis more accessible to
future generations. I continue to take this message to my UC colleagues, 
President Yudof and elected officials. In fact, I have done so in recent
meetings with Senators Steinberg and Wolk.

I also appreciate that both the UC Davis Foundation and the California 
Aggie Alumni Association recently reaffirmed their commitments to 
"generate increased governmental and philanthropic support for public
education in order to provide a quality education to all our students."

Many members of our campus community have asked how they can join my
effort to "make the case" for UC Davis - and higher education as a 
whole - to our elected officials in California and Washington, D.C.,
as well as to the general public. For those of you who want to become
involved immediately - and let me emphasize that this is a personal
choice - please consider the following actions as a first step:

*  sign-up for Aggie Advocates, our grassroots e-advocacy program

*  send a message to your legislators telling them it is simply not
right to keep raising tuition, while cutting programs

*  recruit three other people - family, friends, or colleagues
- to help us do the same

Here is a link that takes you directly to the sign-up page for
Aggie Advocates:

Over the next weeks and months you will continue to hear from me about
additional advocacy initiatives, opportunities, and actions and I invite
your ideas and suggestions as well.

I appreciate your energy and commitment. Our collective voices are critical,
and together we can makea difference in addressing the issues that affect
higher education!

If you have questions, need more information, or have suggestions,
please contact Marjorie Dickinson, Assistant Vice Chancellor-
-Government Relations at mmdickinson@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-2619.


Linda P.B. Katehi
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