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Katehi’s Thank You letter to Reynoso

Dear UC Davis Community,

As you know, the task force led by former California Supreme Court Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso has made public its findings and recommendations. The report and all associated background materials have been posted on our website: http://reynosoreport.ucdavis.edu/reynoso-report.pdf

I want to thank Justice Reynoso and each member of the task force for investing such extraordinary effort. I also thank President Yudof for establishing an external review.

I am gratified that the Reynoso report is available to all of us as we continue efforts to make UC Davis a model for tolerance, inclusivity and constructive, spirited dialogue. We all can learn from the difficult events of last November; this report will help us do that.

We will immediately begin to study and assess the report’s recommendations and develop a detailed response and action plan.

I intend to have a preliminary draft of our plan to share with the campus community as quickly as possible. There will be numerous ways for you to comment.

Let me assure you that in doing so, we will ensure that students’ safety and free-speech rights are paramount.

Linda P.B. Katehi

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