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Sensory Volunteer Opportunity: Sensory Trial on Red Wine!



My name is Aaron Whitlatch and I am a graduate student in Professor Mark Matthews’ Laboratory of the Viticulture and Enology Department.  I am looking for panelists who are willing to participate in a sensory study on red wine.  I currently have 12 people but still need at least 8 more.


The study will last only five weeks with one-hour commitments three days per week, so essentially the month of May.  It will include six training sessions over the first two weeks where you will smell and taste the wines with other panelists, generate descriptive terms and gain practice consistently using these terms.  Once the training is completed, nine tasting sessions in individual tasting booths will take place over the following three weeks.  These sessions don’t take as long as the training session and should be pretty easy.  It looks like Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be the days that work the best for most people.  


In order to take part in this study you have to (i) be over 21 years old, (ii) expectorate all the wines you are tasting, (iii) be willing to taste and smell, and (iv) be able to participate in all six training sessions.


After successful completion of the study you will receive a $50 gift card.  


If you are interested, please email me back at awhitlatch@ucdavis.edu

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