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Idea: Grad Students should travel too [by @NeuroPolarbear]

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Everyone knows that our PIs go to other universities everyone so often. They meet with their colleague( friend)s, discuss collaborations over dinner, talk with grad students over lunch, and give a seminar at one point. We have the Molecular and Cellular Biology Seminar every Thursday at 16h10 in LSA1022.

But why can’t graduate students or postdocs do the same thing? Sure, we don’t run a lab (yet), but the experience is more than just PIs meeting PIs. It is sharing ideas with fellow students, with colleagues. The Hayden Lab blog run by a first-year Assistant Professor at Cold Weather University (his/her CV is very impressive) thought this might be a good idea.

The main benefits:

Grad students can benefit from this experience in several ways. (1) They get a chance to speak in front of an unfamiliar audience. (2) They get critical evaluation of their ideas from an unfamiliar group of scientists, typically before publication. (3) They get exposure to their future colleagues, can discover potential friendships and collaborations. But most important (4) they get to see how things are done somewhere else.

Worth giving this a thought? UC Berkeley, UCSF, Stanford, and UC Santa Cruz are within driving distance from UC Davis. With the Bay Area Population Genomics symposium VI being held at UC Davis on May 26th, we are already sort-of adopted as a satellite Bay Area university. Time for a more complete graduate education/experience?!

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