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We are one year old!

This blog has been up for a year now. Let’s review what this blog has brought you so far and this blog’s statistics are:

First of all, how many page views did we have?
A total of over 41,000 to date, with the best day hitting over 3,000. The first few months produced on average 40 hits for weekdays and a bit less during the weekend. A trend that has maintained to date. Following the first big hits of our blog, our hits improved from 40 to 80 hits a day. The graph below shows the two months that stand out. November 2011 brought us the pepper spray incident, which this blog covered extensively. The second month that stands out is February 2012, which was sadly marked by the untimely death of Christina Takanishi. Seasonal slumps are also very obvious, and because of that, we anticipate reduced traffic during the upcoming summer months.

Which blog entry was most frequently visited over time?
Of course, the home page is the most visited page, in part because people search for “BMCDB” frequently, and this blog pops up in the first 5 hits. Several of the other top hit pages are related to the two events are mentioned above, thus really belong to incidental top hits, rather than pages that continuously being visited. But there are two pages that are very frequently being visited to our surprise: Science: public perception vs reality and Panda’s are more diverse than Caucasian humans.

Where do most visitors come from?
Not surprisingly most visitors are native to this country (USA that is, with 7,000+ visits), but overall this blog has had visitors from all over the world (all 6 continents represented on the map). Whereas all the other stats cover the entire time the blog has been in existence, this particular stat has only been available since February 25th, 2012. If you know people in other countries that have not yet visited this blog, please direct them to our blog to complete this picture. 😉

How do people find our blog?
By enlarge people find our blog via google searches, which is not surprising as we are the second hit when searching for “BMCDB”. Many of our posts are also posted on the BMCDB Facebook page, directing traffic to our blog. Some of the big references came when several of our postings on the pepper spray incident made it to Reddit, fueling our page hits, especially on November 21, 2011. All our most recent posts are instantly tweeted via @BMCDB, directing people frequently to our blog, especially when other people retweet our postings (notable mentions to @phylogenomcs@kbradnam@kalpasjack1 and @DPMelters).

What search terms do people use that direct them to our blog?
Sadly the most used search term is “Christina Takanishi”, which is understandable as many people were touched by her untimely passing and wanted to share their feelings. On the other hands a notable search term is “uc davis student community center” or “student community center uc davis”, which directed them to this blog entry, which comes in as the 5th hit in a google search. “BMCDB” and “TGIF” are also frequently used search terms, which don’t need much explaining.

What does the future hold for this blog?
More contributions by different BMCDB students. If you would like to write a piece about something that interest you, or want to bring to people’s attention or just because, just send it to BMCDB.UCDavis@gmail.com. If you recently published an article as a BMCDB student, this blog is a great way to do some self-promotion, especially if you use plain language as well as tell the story behind your publication. Do you have a tasty science-infused recipe, don’t keep it to yourself, but share it with all of us.

Above all, please keep returning to this blog to stay updated with the latest development at UC Davis, the BMCDB graduate group or just for interesting or funny science tit-bits.

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