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Get your PhD thesis animated by Jorge Cham from @phdcomics

Click here to see the video?

PHDtv 2 Minute Thesis Contest! from PHD Comics on Vimeo.

Get Your Thesis Animated by Jorge Cham!

  • Record yourself describing your thesis work in two (2) minutes (audio only).
  • Upload the recording and a thumbnail-sized image representing you and/or your thesis by August 1, 2012 (click here to go to the form).
  • Your entry may be selected to be animated by Jorge Cham and broadcast on this site!

The Rules:

Your uploaded audio file must be in a standard format (.wav, .mp3, or .aiff) and contain the following information in the given order in the audio file:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your academic institution
  3. Your department or field of study
  4. Your year in graduate school
  5. The title of your thesis
  6. Identity of the speaker (if it’s not you)
  7. A two-minute explanation of your thesis work that a highly educated layperson would be able to understand. Avoid jargon and abbreviations as much as possible, and remember: someone who is not in your field of study should be able to easily understand your explanation!
  8. Please credit any contributors, collaborators and funding sources.

The full audio file should not be any longer than a two-minute explanation plus a statement of the information listed above in items (1)-(5). All content of the audio file should be recorded IN ENGLISH. If you are not able to record the information yourself due to challenges with the language requirement, you may ask a native English speaker to record the content for you; however, if the audio file you submit is not in your own voice, this must be made clear AT THE BEGINNING of the audio file and the English speaking narrator must also be credited at the end of the file (see item (6) above).

You must also supply the required information in the entry form below. Include a photo of you or a figure that expresses your work (.gif, .jpg, or .png).

Selections from each entry will be posted on PHDcomics.com/tv by August 6, 2012, after which the public will be able to vote on their favorite two-minute thesis. The entry with the most votes will win our grand prize: his/her two-minute thesis audio clip will be illustrated and animated by Jorge Cham, the artist behind PHD Comics and The PHD Movie, and the resulting video will be the first episode to air in PHDtv’s new “Two-Minute Thesis” web series. The grand prize winner will also receive one “The Full Professor” merchandise package from PHDcomics.com, and two runners up will each receive one “The Thesis Writer” package.The Prize:

In addition to the grand prize winner, PHDtv will select eleven entries based on clarity of explanation, engagement of the speaker, and general appeal to be illustrated over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year. One winning entry will be released per month, beginning with the grand prize-winning entry in September, 2012.So come back to PHDcomics.com/tv after August 6 and encourage your friends, labmates, family, and advisor (?!) to vote for your two-minute thesis before voting closes on Aug. 20! Winners will be announced online at PHDcomics.com/tvAugust 24, 2012.

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