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Quick news updates:

Sheep are selfish jerks. Upon the sight of a predator, sheep do not just move closer to each other, but try to be at the center of the herd, leaving those at the periphery the first to attacked.

Artificial jellyfish made from rat hearts. With some silicon and cells, a group at CalTech made an articifical jellyfish that resembled many features of jellyfish behavior. John Dabiri was also surprised that evolution had not produced all optimal solutions. This comment makes sense if you consider him a professor of aeronautics and bioengineering and not an evolutionary biologist.

Open Access journals similar scientific impact as Paywall Access journals. Comparing the impact factors of journals and papers in either Open Access journals or Paywall Access journals are almost the same. The questions for future authors remains: pay more to publish your own work, but everyone can read it, or pay less and have publishers grow rich on your work?

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