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“ENCODE Decoded” Fri. Oct. 12th 4-6pm GBSF Auditorium

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Hello All,

Have you been curious about the huge 30 paper release by the ENCODE Consortium?  We are proud to present “ENCODE Decoded” on Friday October 12th from 4:00-6:00p in the Genome Center’s Main Auditorium (Rm 1005).  This will be a series of brief presentations followed by substantial discussions which will cover a portion of the recent and massive ENCODE release.  This will involve both faculty & students and there will be refreshments and snacks served.  Below is a schedule, with a list of the presenters and the ENCODE “Thread” they will cover.

For more info about these threads and a comprehensive list of the ENCODE Consortium papers please visit  http://www.nature.com/encode/   and for general ENCODE info   http://www.genome.gov/10005107

We strongly encourage both faculty and students to attend as we are hoping to have a lively discussion, not merely a presentation of these papers’ contents. Lest you be concerned about the level of participation, we have commitments from Dr. Janine LaSalle, Dr. Frederic Chedin and Dr. Dave Segal to attend.  Try to arrive early to get your drinks and snacks as we plan to start promptly at 4:00pm, however late arrivals are welcome.

ENCODE Decoded Agenda:

Intro to ENCODE, Background and Basics“:  Keith Dunaway

RNA and Chromatin Modification Patterns Around Promoters“:  Erick Loomis   –> http://www.nature.com/encode/#/threads/rna-and-chromatin-modification-patterns-around-promoters

Non-coding RNA Characterization“:   Johnathon Anderson   –> http://www.nature.com/encode/#/threads/non-coding-rna-characterization

Three-Dimensional Connections Across the Genome”   Keith Dunaway  –> http://www.nature.com/encode/#/threads/three-dimensional-connections-across-the-genome

Please email Johnathon Anderson (joanderson@ucdavis.edu) or Keith Dunaway (kwdunaway@ucdavis.edu) if you have any questions or input.


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