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BMCDB TGIF Nov 16th @ 5:30 in LSA 1022

Gobble gobble BMCDBers!
Come out and take a load off this Friday at 5:30 PM in 1022 LSA for this month’s TGIF! We’ll be having the standard staple graduate student diet of assorted pizzas and beer, in addition to freshly baked baguettes with spinach dip, an organic spring salad mix and tasty sun chips, and for the wine connoisseurs  we’ll be serving an Argentinian Malbec and a Californian White Zinfandel and a Californian Chardonnay. If get lost and can’t find where the party is at, just wander around the first floor of LSA and we’ll be bumpin’ 2 CHAINZZZ!
Also good luck to the BMCDB Bowlaz’ tomorrow, Gordon “Ball Master/Guttermouth” Walker, John “King Pin” Riggs, Johnathan “Unbowleavable” Diehl, Matthew “Pin Hunter” Blain-Hartung, and Ralphington “Big Em McCracken” McNeilage. Watch them bowl out of control at 6 to 8 PM tomorrow, Thursday November 15 at the MU bowling alley, and if you go, don’t forget to wear your BMCDB swag!
Bring the Dean’s Cup home fellas!

(`-`) (._. ) (· – ·) ( ._.) ( ‘ -‘)

   The TGIF Committee

(`-`) (._. ) (· – ·) ( ._.) ( ‘ -‘)


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