“This blog is by graduate students, about graduate students, for graduate students … and everyone else.”

Our mission is to provide a central hub for students (current and prospective) and faculty of the Biochemical, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (BMCDB) graduate group. This blog will be a source for the latest news about our graduate group and UC Davis, as well as news that impacts graduate students, graduate life, post-graduate life and science in general (popular or unpopular). Some of the site’s key features include a comprehensive and up-to-date list of seminars from around the UC Davis campus, valuable resource links for your online academic endeavours, and monthly editorials on subjects that touch the lives of graduate students. We also hope to give you a close-up of the research going on in several BMCDB labs and provide you with a list of recently published first author resources from your BMCDB colleagues. 

The success (or failure) of this blog will depend on those who visit (or don’t visit). Please help us to keep the site current, new, and exciting by providing your interesting links, comments, suggestions, videos, pictures, etc. to us by email (see email address below). Remember that your input is vital to the viability of this blog.

By creating this resource we want to encourage BMCDB students to take advantage of the educational opportunities available here at UC Davis, to facilitate networking between students and faculty, and to hopefully cut down on the number of emails you have to read!


BMCDB Graduate Group website

BMCDB Faculty List

BMCDB Student Profiles

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Andy, Daniël, Gordon, Nadia, and Alex

Daniël P. Melters (@DPMelters, LinkedIn)

Alex Gulevich

Andrew Murley

Nadia Ono

Gordon Walker

Weston Powell

Adam Contreras

(they introduce themselves here)

and Aaron Morrison (Program Coordinator)

Any questions, comments, concerns, or requests – please let us know by emailing us at BMCDB.UCDavis@gmail.com

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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