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BMCDB TGIF 10/12/12 5:30 LSA 1022

October 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Hey BMCDBers!

Come out this Friday for our last outdoor TGIF of the year! There will be plenty of beer, wine and pizza, and we’ll be having salad as a healthy option! And as if you hadn’t had enough of it, we’ll be playing all your favorite 2012 summer songs including Call me Maybe and all the Gangnam you want until your ears bleed! As the Starks say, Winter is coming, so come and enjoy the last bit of sunshine of the year!

5:30 PM in the LSA 1022 (moved due to inclement weather)

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The itty bitty TGIF Comittee

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Sensory Volunteer Opportunity: Sensory Trial on Red Wine!

April 30, 2012 Leave a comment



My name is Aaron Whitlatch and I am a graduate student in Professor Mark Matthews’ Laboratory of the Viticulture and Enology Department.  I am looking for panelists who are willing to participate in a sensory study on red wine.  I currently have 12 people but still need at least 8 more.


The study will last only five weeks with one-hour commitments three days per week, so essentially the month of May.  It will include six training sessions over the first two weeks where you will smell and taste the wines with other panelists, generate descriptive terms and gain practice consistently using these terms.  Once the training is completed, nine tasting sessions in individual tasting booths will take place over the following three weeks.  These sessions don’t take as long as the training session and should be pretty easy.  It looks like Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be the days that work the best for most people.  


In order to take part in this study you have to (i) be over 21 years old, (ii) expectorate all the wines you are tasting, (iii) be willing to taste and smell, and (iv) be able to participate in all six training sessions.


After successful completion of the study you will receive a $50 gift card.  


If you are interested, please email me back at

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Vote For the University of California Sustainability Project!

March 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Vote for the best climate leadership work from colleges and universities!

Submit Your Idea NowPlanet Forward is excited to partner with Second Nature to present the Climate Leadership Awards, which recognize some of the best climate leadership work being done by colleges and universities across the country. Now that we’ve selected this year’s finalists, its up to you to decide who this year’s winners will be.

All of the finalists have been asked to create a 1-3 minute video highlighting their innovation featured in their nomination forms. All videos are due by March 10th, but you can already vote for your favorites today!

Voting ends at midnight on April 14. The winners you voted for will be featured at our GW Moving the Planet Forward conference this April. All institutions that submit videos also have the chance to be featured in our blog posts on The Huffington Post and National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge blog, in our pieces on television, in our webisodes, or in other public outreach opportunities.

Vote here for UC Davis!! 

We will soon publish an editorial from Dr. Roger Boulton detailing the revolutionary LEED Platinum certified UC Davis Pilot Brewing, Food Processing and Winery building and the soon to be built sustainability add on.

Tips For Biking Around Campus 2013

September 20, 2011 1 comment

For the 3rd year in a row, I am putting forth these tips on how to bike safely and avoid an accident or ticket while riding around Davis. HEED THESE WARNINGS!

The first week of all the students being back in Davis is an exciting time but, also an especially hazardous time. The main danger being, riding your bike in a sea of inexperienced freshmen who are unfamiliar with the rules of the road and the responsibilities of riding a bike in Davis. Here are some tips to help avoid an embarrassing, costly and potentially harmful situation on your bike.

First tip: Get familiar with the laws/rules for riding a bike. A summary of the rules of the road can be found here thanks to TAPS. Cops in Davis will pull you over and ticket you on your bike for: running a stop sign or red light, not using your hand to signal, riding with both headphones in (one is alright), riding inebriated (can lead to losing your drivers license) or otherwise biking irresponsibly/dangerously, and I think most importantly – for not having a bike light at night. A strong front light, back light, even wheel lights, and ideally white or reflective clothing are strongly recommended while biking at night.

Second Tip: Pay attention while entering/exiting rotaries on campus! Most sensible people are familiar with rotaries (or roundabouts as we call them on the east coast), but unfortunately most freshman are not very sensible. Technically the riders in the rotary have the right of way. Bikes entering the rotary must yield to bikes already in the rotary however, do not count on other riders to adhere to this rule. Many people will just bike right into a rotary without looking, so just be aware of this. When exiting the rotary it is never a bad idea to signal, and check over your shoulder that you will not hit another rider as you turn out of the rotary. Also be wary of actual traffic in the rotaries, buses, trucks, and cop cars can cause mass confusion when a high volume of bike traffic is present. Rotaries mishaps account for the majority of collisions and injuries on campus, so just be careful!

Third tip: Don’t be afraid to speak up! While riding around campus, especially around lunch of in between classes you will run into groups of slow moving bikes or people walking in the bike lane. Occasionally you can easily pass them by, but it is often necessary to alert those blocking the way of your presence. Just a quick “On your left/right” can save you from getting nailed by a swerving bike or errant pedestrian. Also very helpful with riders who are unable to ride in a straight line or are completely unaware of their surroundings (be especially aware of Cruiser bikes as they tend to be harder to control).

Davis is a great place to ride a bike, just make sure you do it safely and responsibly. If anyone has any other recommendations or stories please feel free to chime in!

Here is a run down of all the awesome places to ride your bike in Davis thanks to DavisWiki

Updates: When walking in a bike lane, remember to walk on the left side so you can see oncoming traffic. It is also a good idea to buy a U-lock, almost any other kind of lock can be easily cut (and there is nothing worse than finishing a long day in lab, and finding out that your bike has been stolen). Also a good idea to register your bike with the campus police for a variety of reasons.

Also, during the day, especially during class transition times, DO NOT ride beside someone (especially in a bigger group), this prevents other bikers from passing you and is generally not a good idea anytime of day.

Pro tip: As we transition from Summer/Fall into winter remember that the weather changes dramatically. Equipping yourself with splash guards on your front and rear bike tires can save you from getting an impromtu mud facial next time it rains. Riding your bike in the rain is not that bad, as long as you have the right equipment. Getting a solid rain jacket, rain pants, and a pair of water resistant gloves will make you much happier when you arrive at your destination.

Remember to stay alert while biking, and always put safety first. Happy Riding!